Chapter 6

Special Equipment

Article 695

Fire Pumps Scope.Informational Note: Text that is followed by a reference in brackets has been extracted from NFPA 20-2013, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection. Only editorial changes were made to the extracted text to make it consistent with this Code. Covered. This article covers the installation of the follow‐ ing: Electric power sources… read more »

Article 694

Wind Electric Sytems Part I. General Scope. This article applies to wind (turbine) electric systems that consist of one or more wind electric generators and their related alternators, generators, inverters, controllers, and associated equipment.Informational Note: Some wind electric systems are interactive with other electric power sources [see Figure 694.1(a)] and some are stand-alone systems [see Figure 694.1(b)]. Some systems have ac output and some have dc output. Some systems contain elec‐ trical energy… read more »

Article 692

Fuel Cell Systems Part I. General Scope. This article applies to the installation of fuel cell systems.Informational Note: Some fuel cell systems can be interactive with other electrical power production sources, are stand-alone, or both. Some fuel cell systems are connected to electric energy storage systems such as batteries. Fuel cell systems can have ac output(s), dc output(s), or both for utilization. Definitions. Fuel Cell. An electrochemical system that consumes fuel to produce… read more »

Article 691

Large-Scale Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Power Production Facility The PV source circuit is matched to the voltage ratingand charge current requirements of the interconnected battery cells and, The maximum charging current multiplied by 1 hour is less than 3 percent of the rated battery capacity expressed in ampere-hours or as recommended by the battery manufacturer Scope. This… read more »

Article 620

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Part I. General Scope. This article applies to solar PV systems, other than those covered by Article 691, including the array circuit(s), inverter(s), and controller(s) for such systems. [See Figure 690.1(a) and Figure 690.1(b).] The systems covered by this article may be interactive with other electrical power produc‐ tion sources or stand-alone or both, and may or may not be connected to energy… read more »

Article 685

Integrated Electrical Systems Part I. General 685.1 Scope. This article covers integrated electrical systems, other than unit equipment, in which orderly shutdown is necessary to ensure safe operation. An integrated electrical system as used in this article is a unitized segment of an industrial wiring system where all of the following conditions are met: An orderly shutdown is… read more »

Article 682

Natural and Artificially Made Bodies of Water Part I. General Scope. This article applies to the installation of electri‐ cal wiring for, and equipment in and adjacent to, natural or artificially made bodies of water not covered by other articles in this Code, such as but not limited to aeration ponds, fish farm ponds, storm retention basins,… read more »

Article 680

Swimming Pools, Fountains, and Similar Installations Part I. General Scope. The provisions of this article apply to the construction and installation of electrical wiring for, and equip‐ ment in or adjacent to, all swimming, wading, therapeutic, and decorative pools; fountains; hot tubs; spas; and hydromassage bathtubs, whether permanently installed or storable, and to metallic auxiliary equipment,… read more »

Article 675

Electrically Driven or Controlled Irrigation Machines Part I. General Scope. The provisions of this article apply to electrically driven or controlled irrigation machines, and to the branch circuits and controllers for such equipment. Definitions. Center Pivot Irrigation Machine. A multimotored irrigation machine that revolves around a central pivot and employs alignment switches or similar devices to control… read more »

Article 670

Industrial Machinery Scope. This article covers the definition of, the name‐ plate data for, and the size and overcurrent protection of supply conductors to industrial machinery.Informational Note No. 1: For further information, see NFPA 79 -2015, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.Informational Note No. 2: For information on the workspace requirements for equipment containing supply conductor termi‐ nals, see… read more »