Chapter 6

Special Equipment

Article 669

Electroplating 669.1 Scope. The provisions of this article apply to the instal‐ lation of the electrical components and accessory equipment that supply the power and controls for electroplating, anodiz‐ ing, electropolishing, and electrostripping. For purposes of this article, the term electroplating shall be used to identify any or all of these processes. 669.3 General. Equipment for use in electroplating… read more »

Article 668

Electrolytic Cells Scope. This article applies to the installation of the electrical components and accessory equipment of electrolytic cells, electrolytic cell lines, and process power supply for the production of aluminum, cadmium, chlorine, copper, fluorine, hydrogen peroxide, magnesium, sodium, sodium chlorate, and zinc.Not covered by this article are cells used as a source of elec‐ tric energy… read more »

Article 665

Induction and Dielectric Heating Equipment Part I. General Scope. This article covers the construction and installa‐ tion of dielectric heating, induction heating, induction melt‐ ing, and induction welding equipment and accessories for industrial and scientific applications. Medical or dental applica‐ tions, appliances, or line frequency pipeline and vessel heating are not covered in this article.Informational Note:… read more »

Article 660

X-Ray EquipmentSupply. The installation of the dc power supply shall comply with either of the following: Conductors. Conductors shall comply with 650.6(A) through (D). Size. The minimum conductor size shall be not less than 28 AWG for electronic signal circuits and not less than 26 AWG for electromagnetic valve supply and the like. The minimum conductor size of a main common-return conductor in the… read more »

Article 645

Pipe Organs Scope. This article covers those electrical circuits and parts of electrically operated pipe organs that are employed for the control of the keyboards and of the sounding apparatus, typically organ pipes.Informational Note: The typical pipe organ is a very large musi‐cal instrument that is built as part of a building or structure.N Definitions.Electronic Organ. A musical instrument that… read more »

Article 647

Sensitive Electronic Equipment boxes and enclosures (including transfer switches, generators, and power panels) for emergency circuits shall be marked to identify them as components of an emergency circuit or system. Part IV. Workspace General. Space about electrical equipment shall comply with 110.26.(B) Entrance to and Egress from Working Space. For equipment over 1.8 m (6 ft) wide… read more »

Article 646

Modular Data Centers Part I. General Scope. This article covers modular data centers.Informational Note No. 1: Modular data centers include the installed information technology equipment (ITE) and support equipment, electrical supply and distribution, wiring and protec‐ tion, working space, grounding, HVAC, and the like, that are located in an equipment enclosure.Informational Note No. 2: For further… read more »

Article 645

Information Technology EquipmentInformational Note: Text that is followed by a reference in brackets has been extracted from NFPA 75-2013, Standard for the Fire Protection of Information Technology Equipment. Only editorial changes were made to the extracted text to make it consistent with this Code.645.1 Scope. This article covers equipment, power-supply wiring, equipment interconnecting wiring, and grounding of information technology… read more »

Article 640

Audio Signal Processing, Amplification, and Reproduction Equipment Part I. General Scope. Covered. This article covers equipment and wiring for audio signal generation, recording, processing, amplification, and reproduction; distribution of sound; public address; speech input systems; temporary audio system installations; and electronic organs or other electronic musical instruments. This also includes audio systems subject to Article 517,… read more »

Article 630

Electric Welders Part I. General 630.1 Scope. This article covers apparatus for electric arc welding, resistance welding, plasma cutting, and other similar welding and cutting process equipment that is connected to an electrical supply system. N 630.6 Listing. All welding and cutting power equipment under the scope of this article shall be listed. Part II. Arc Welders… read more »