Chapter 5

Special Occupancies

Article 590

Temporary Installations Scope. The provisions of this article apply to temporary electric power and lighting installations. All Wiring Installations. Other Articles. Except as specifically modified in this arti‐ cle, all other requirements of this Code for permanent wiring shall apply to temporary wiring installations. Approval. Temporary wiring methods shall be acceptable only if approved based on the conditions of use… read more »

Article 555

Marinas, Boatyards, and Commercial and Noncommercial Docking Facilities Scope. This article covers the installation of wiring and equipment in the areas comprising fixed or floating piers, wharves, docks, and other areas in marinas, boatyards, boat•basins, boathouses, yacht clubs, boat condominiums, docking facilities associated with one-family dwellings, two-family dwell‐ ings, multifamily dwellings, and residential condominiums; any multiple docking facility or… read more »

Article 553

Floating Buildings Part I. General Scope. This article covers wiring, services, feeders, and grounding for floating buildings. Definition. Floating Building. A building unit, as defined in Article 100, that floats on water, is moored in a permanent location, and has a premises wiring system served through connection by permanent wiring to an electrical supply system not located… read more »

Article 552

Park Trailers Part I. General Scope. The provisions of this article cover the electrical conductors and equipment installed within or on park trailers not covered fully under Articles 550 and 551. Definition. (See Articles 100, 550, and 551 for addi‐ tional definitions.) Park Trailer. A unit that is built on a single chassis mounted on wheels and has… read more »

Article 551

Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks Part I. General Scope. The provisions of this article cover the electrical conductors and equipment other than low-voltage and automo‐ tive vehicle circuits or extensions thereof, installed within or onrecreational vehicles, the conductors that connect recreational vehicles to a supply of electricity, and the installation of equip‐ ment and devices… read more »

Article 550

Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Mobile Home Parks Part I. General Scope. The provisions of this article cover the electrical conductors and equipment installed within or on mobile and manufactured homes, the conductors that connect mobile and manufactured homes to a supply of electricity, and the installa‐ tion of electrical wiring, luminaires, equipment, and appurte‐ nances… read more »

Article 547

Agricultural Buildings Scope. The provisions of this article shall apply to the following agricultural buildings or that part of a building or adjacent areas of similar or like nature as specified in 547.1(A) or (B). Excessive Dust and Dust with Water. Agricultural build‐ ings where excessive dust and dust with water may accumulate, including all areas of… read more »

Article 545

Manufactured Buildings Scope. This article covers requirements for a manufac‐ tured building and building components as herein defined. Definitions. Building Component. Any subsystem, subassembly, or other system designed for use in or integral with or as part of a struc‐ ture, which can include structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems, and other systems affect‐ ing… read more »

Article 540

Motion Picture Projection Rooms Part I. General Scope. The provisions of this article apply to motion picture projection rooms, motion picture projectors, and asso‐ ciated equipment of the professional and nonprofessional types using incandescent, carbon arc, xenon, or other lightsource equipment that develops hazardous gases, dust, or radi‐ ation.Informational Note: For further information, see NFPA 40-2011,Standard… read more »

Article 530

Motion Picture and Television Studios and Similar Locations Part I. General Scope. The requirements of this article shall apply to television studios and motion picture studios using either film or electronic cameras, except as provided in 520.1, and exchanges, factories, laboratories, stages, or a portion of the building in which film or tape more than 22… read more »