Article 540

Motion Picture Projection Rooms

Part I. General

  1. Scope. The provisions of this article apply to motion picture projection rooms, motion picture projectors, and asso‐ ciated equipment of the professional and nonprofessional types using incandescent, carbon arc, xenon, or other lightsource equipment that develops hazardous gases, dust, or radi‐ ation.Informational Note: For further information, see NFPA 40-2011,Standard for the Storage and Handling of Cellulose Nitrate Film.
  2. Definitions.

Nonprofessional Projector. Nonprofessional projectors are those types of projectors that do not comply with the definition of Professional-Type Projector.

Professional-Type Projector. A type of projector using 35- or 70-mm film that has a minimum width of 35 mm (13∕8 in.) and has on each edge 212 perforations per meter (5.4 perforations per inch), or a type using carbon arc, xenon, or other light source equipment that develops hazardous gases, dust, or radi‐ ation.

Part II. Equipment and Projectors of the Professional Type

  1. Motion Picture Projection Room Required. Every professional-type projector shall be located within a projection room. Every projection room shall be of permanent construc‐ tion, approved for the type of building in which the projection room is located. All projection ports, spotlight ports, viewing ports, and similar openings shall be provided with glass or other approved material so as to completely close the opening. Such rooms shall not be considered as hazardous (classified) locations as defined in Article 500.Informational Note: For further information on protecting openings in projection rooms handling cellulose nitrate motion picture film, see NFPA 101 -2015, Life Safety Code.
  2. Location of Associated Electrical Equipment.
    1. Motor Generator Sets, Transformers, Rectifiers, Rheo‐ stats, and Similar Equipment. Motor-generator sets, transform‐ ers, rectifiers, rheostats, and similar equipment for the supply or control of current to projection or spotlight equipment shall, where nitrate film is used, be located in a separate room. Where placed in the projection room, they shall be located or guarded so that arcs or sparks cannot come in contact with film, and the commutator end or ends of motor-generator sets shall comply with one of the conditions in 540.11(A)(1) through (A)(6).
      1. Types. Be of the totally enclosed, enclosed fan-cooled, or enclosed pipe-ventilated type.
      2. Separate Rooms or Housings. Be enclosed in separate rooms or housings built of noncombustible material construc‐ ted so as to exclude flyings or lint with approved ventilation from a source of clean air.
      3. Solid Metal Covers. Have the brush or sliding-contact end of motor-generator enclosed by solid metal covers.
      4. Tight Metal Housings. Have brushes or sliding contacts enclosed in substantial, tight metal housings.
      5. Upper and Lower Half Enclosures. Have the upper half of the brush or sliding-contact end of the motor-generator enclosed by a wire screen or perforated metal and the lower half enclosed by solid metal covers.ARTICLE 545 — MANUFACTURED BUILDINGS 545.5
      6. Wire Screens or Perforated Metal. Have wire screens or perforated metal placed at the commutator of brush ends. No dimension of any opening in the wire screen or perforated metal shall exceed 1.27 mm (0.05 in.), regardless of the shape of the opening and of the material used.
    2. Switches, Overcurrent Devices, or Other Equipment. Switches, overcurrent devices, or other equipment not normally required or used for projectors, sound reproduction, flood or other special effect lamps, or other equipment shall not be installed in projection rooms.Exception No. 1: In projection rooms approved for use only with cellu‐ lose acetate (safety) film, the installation of appurtenant electrical equipment used in conjunction with the operation of the projection equipment and the control of lights, curtains, and audio equipment, and so forth, shall be permitted. In such projection rooms, a sign read‐ ing “Safety Film Only Permitted in This Room” shall be posted on the outside of each projection room door and within the projection room itself in a conspicuous location.Exception No. 2: Remote-control switches for the control of auditorium lights or switches for the control of motors operating curtains and mask‐ ing of the motion picture screen shall be permitted to be installed in projection rooms.
    3. Emergency Systems. Control of emergency systems shall comply with Article 700.
  3. Work Space. Each motion picture projector, flood‐ light, spotlight, or similar equipment shall have clear working space not less than 750 mm (30 in.) wide on each side and at the rear thereof.Exception: One such space shall be permitted between adjacent pieces of equipment.
  4. Conductor Size. Conductors supplying outlets for arc and xenon projectors of the professional type shall not be smaller than 8 AWG and shall have an ampacity not less than the projector current rating. Conductors for incandescent-type projectors shall conform to normal wiring standards as provi‐ ded in 210.24.
  5. Conductors on Lamps and Hot Equipment. Insulated conductors having a rated operating temperature of not less than 200°C (392°F) shall be used on all lamps or other equip‐ ment where the ambient temperature at the conductors as installed will exceed 50°C (122°F).
  6. Flexible Cords. Cords approved for hard usage, as provided in Table 400.4, shall be used on portable equipment.
  1. Listing Requirements. Projectors and enclosures for arc, xenon, and incandescent lamps and rectifiers, transform‐ ers, rheostats, and similar equipment shall be listed.
  2. Marking. Projectors and other equipment shall be marked with the manufacturer’s name or trademark and with the voltage and current for which they are designed in accord‐ ance with 110.21.

Part III. Nonprofessional Projectors

  1. Motion Picture Projection Room Not Required. Projectors of the nonprofessional or miniature type, where employing cellulose acetate (safety) film, shall be permitted to be operated without a projection room.
  2. Listing Requirements. Projection equipment shall be listed.

Part IV. Audio Signal Processing, Amplification, and Repro‐ duction Equipment

540.50 Audio Signal Processing, Amplification, and Reproduc‐ tion Equipment. Audio signal processing, amplification, and reproduction equipment shall be installed as provided in Arti‐ cle 640.