Chapter 2

Use and Identification of Grounded Conductors

Article 285

Surge-Protective Devices (SPDs), 1000 Volts or Less Part I. General 285.1 Scope. This article covers general requirements, instal‐ lation requirements, and connection requirements for surge- protective devices (SPDs) permanently installed on premises wiring systems of 1000 volts or less. Informational Note: Surge arresters 1000 volts or less are also known as Type 1 SPDs. Uses Not… read more »

Article 280

Surge Arresters, Over 1000 Volts Part I. General 280.1 Scope. This article covers general requirements, instal‐ lation requirements, and connection requirements for surge arresters installed on premises wiring systems over 1000 volts. • Number Required. Where used at a point on a circuit, asurge arrester shall be connected to each ungrounded conduc‐ tor. A single installation of… read more »

Article 250

Grounding and Bonding Part I. General Scope. This article covers general requirements for grounding and bonding of electrical installations, and the specific requirements in (1) through (6). Systems, circuits, and equipment required, permitted, or not permitted to be grounded Circuit conductor to be grounded on grounded systems Location of grounding connections Types and sizes of grounding… read more »

Article 240

Overcurrent ProtectionTable 240.3 Other ArticlesEquipment ArticleAir-conditioning and refrigerating equipment440Part I. General240.1 Scope. Parts I through VII of this article provide theAppliances 422Assembly occupancies 518general requirements for overcurrent protection and overcur‐ rent protective devices not more than 1000 volts, nominal. Part VIII covers overcurrent protection for those portions ofAudio signal processing, amplification, and reproduction equipment640supervised industrial installations… read more »

Article 230

Services Scope. This article covers service conductors and equip‐ ment for control and protection of services and their installa‐ tion requirements.Informational Note: See Figure 230.1.Part I. General Number of Services. A building or other structure served shall be supplied by only one service unless permitted in 230.2(A) through (D). For the purpose of 230.40, Exception No. 2… read more »

Article 225

Outside Branch Circuits and Feeders 225.1 Scope. This article covers requirements for outside branch circuits and feeders run on or between buildings, struc‐ tures, or poles on the premises; and electrical equipment and wiring for the supply of utilization equipment that is located on or attached to the outside of buildings, structures, or poles. Informational Note:… read more »

Article 220

Branch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service Load Calculations Part I. General 220.1 Scope. This article provides requirements for calculat‐ ing branch-circuit, feeder, and service loads. Part I provides general requirements for calculation methods. Part II provides calculation methods for branch-circuit loads. Parts III and IV provide calculation methods for feeder and service loads. Part V provides calculation methods for farm loads. 220.61 Neutral Loads Part… read more »

Article 215

Feeders Scope. This article covers the installation requirements, overcurrent protection requirements, minimum size, and ampacity of conductors for feeders.Exception: Feeders for electrolytic cells as covered in 668.3(C)(1) and (C)(4). Minimum Rating and Size. Feeders Not More Than 600 Volts. General. Feeder conductors shall have an ampacity not less than required to supply the load as calculated in Parts… read more »

Article 210

Branch Circuits Part I. General Provisions 210.1 Scope. This article provides the general requirements for branch circuits. Other Articles for Specific-Purpose Branch Circuits. Table 210.3 lists references for specific equipment and applica‐ tions not located in Chapters 5, 6, and 7 that amend or supple‐ ment the requirements of this article.• Multiwire Branch Circuits. General. Branch circuits recognized by this article shall be permitted as… read more »

Article 200

Use and Identification of Grounded Conductors Scope. This article provides requirements for the following: Identification of terminals Grounded conductors in premises wiring systems Identification of grounded conductors Informational Note: See Article 100 for definitions of Grounded Conductor, Equipment Grounding Conductor, and Grounding Electrode Conductor. General. Grounded conductors shall comply with 200.2(A) and (B). Insulation. The grounded conductor, if insulated, shall have… read more »