Circuits and Equipment Operating at Less Than 50 Volts

  1. Scope. This article covers installations operating at less than 50 volts, direct current or alternating current.
  2. Other Articles. Direct current or alternating-current installations operating at less than 50 volts, as covered in 411.1 through 411.8; Part VI of Article 517; Part II of Article 551; Parts II and III and 552.60(B) of Article 552; 650.1 through 650.8; 669.1 through 669.9; Parts I and VIII of Article 690; Parts I and III of Article 725; or Parts I and III of Article 760 shall not be required to comply with this article.
  3. Hazardous (Classified) Locations. Installations within the scope of this article and installed in hazardous (classified) locations shall also comply with the appropriate provisions for hazardous (classified) locations in other applicable articles of this Code.
  4. Conductors. Conductors shall not be smaller than12 AWG copper or equivalent. Conductors for appliance branch circuits supplying more than one appliance or appliā€ ance receptacle shall not be smaller than 10 AWG copper or equivalent.
  5. Lampholders. Standard lampholders that have a rating of not less than 660 watts shall be used.
  6. Receptacle Rating. Receptacles shall have a rating of not less than 15 amperes.
  7. Receptacles Required. Receptacles of not less than 20-ampere rating shall be provided in kitchens, laundries, and other locations where portable appliances are likely to be used.

720.9 Batteries. Installations of storage batteries shall comply with 480.1 through 480.6 and 480.9 through 480.11.

720.11 Mechanical Execution of Work. Circuits operating at less than 50 volts shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner. Cables shall be supported by the building structure in such a manner that the cable will not be damaged by normal building use.